Hot Dog Pate and Jailhouse Cooks

Hell’s Kitchen is a blast with it’s catfish cavair and hot dog pate.

All the pretence and palates like cow’s behinds as Ramsay called it.

I know I would have loved the hot dog pate. I make a hot dog sandwich spread that I, and only I ,eat around my house.
I’m sure the dogs would love it if I would part with it.

I bet I could have told it was hot dog too.
Now the catfish cavair might have been a hard one for me.

I wouldn’t last in Hell’s Kitchen a minute.

I can just imagine… Ramsay smacks my hand and screams…”Use butter and not margarine you donkey!”

In reality I do love butter. but I’m not a snob over a pat of butter. I consider myself bi-social. I’ve dined at the Ritz Carlton and I’ve eaten popcorn in a mosh pit.

Ramsay might not make it in the mosh pit.


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  1. cooknkate
    Jul 18, 2006 @ 15:48:33

    In Anthony Bourdain’s book ‘A Cooks Tour’ he has a whole chapter devoted to premier chefs, and one of them in Gordon Ramsay. In England he is considered ‘the chef’ to work for, and his staff has been with him forever, a true mark of a good chef. Yes, he’s tough, but he is that way because of the high standards he sets for his food and his people. The reason Americans dislike him so much is simply because they don’t understand that mentality. (according to Bourdain)

    I just love butter because it’s butter, and I am SO not a snob about food, in fact I loathe anyone who thinks they are superior because of the food they eat. Keep it coming

    Kate in the Kitchen


  2. coffeepot
    Jul 18, 2006 @ 17:11:54

    Hey kate. I don’t dislike Ramsay.

    I would never stand for his abuse however..I have standards too.

    I’ll eat margarine. I won’t take abuse from anyone.


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