Path To Freedom

I have stumbled on a gold mine in Path To Freedom blog/journal.

They are journaling their path toward self sufficiency! What a find, check it out!

I always lean toward being self sufficient. That is why I love to can and freeze and garden.

That feeling of…hey we did it ourselves!

We didn’t pick it up at the supermarket or even the farmers market. We grew it, cooked it, canned it.

We know every ingredient within it. What a great feeling.

Now we haven’t gotten as sufficient as this great journal, but my mouth waters just to read it.

And to think they only have 1/5 of an acre! How in the world!

We own 42 acres.


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  1. cooknkate
    Aug 01, 2006 @ 21:12:56

    Wow, I looked at that site and it is amazing! I don’t think I could read it all no matter how much time I have on my hands! (and I will have a lot once I am out of the hospital)

    Thanks for pointing this one out. It’s very cool what they are doing



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