Contrasts and Pumpkin Pie

Yesterday was such a day of contrast for me.

While I savored our first garden ripe tomato of the season
sprinkled with basil,

I also noticed the pumpkins turning orange

which reminded me of the remainder of last falls pumpkin that needed
to be used from the freezer.

So here I was eating fresh tomato and baking a pumpkin pie in the
heat of summer.

I love pumpkin pie no matter the season, but it did remind me of
contrasts. Yin and Yang, hot and cold, rich and poor,
bold and unassuming.

So I think to go out on the side veranda overlooking the fish
ponds where southern belles might drink mint juleps,

…. And chug a beer to stay grounded somewhere in the middle.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. CE
    Aug 03, 2006 @ 19:13:54

    Yes beer sounds good as hot as it is around these parts,


  2. QuirkyCook
    Aug 04, 2006 @ 22:31:45

    I have been making a lot of contrasting things this week too. I made roasted sweet potatoes and pea salad. Maybe this heat is causing us to yearn for fall and influencing our cooking.


  3. coffeepot
    Aug 06, 2006 @ 09:45:01

    yes quirky..heat stroke can make people strange.


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