Yellow Tomato, Lemon and Basil Jam- WHB

For Weekend Herb Blogging,
being hosted this week by Kalyn’s Kitchen herself,
I thought I would share this jam.

Being covered up in yellow tomatoes I had to
figure something to do with them.

I have several recipes that call for lemon marmalade,
so I thought I could substitute this jam I found in a old
Food and Wine magazine in any of those recipes.

The jam came out very good so if your covered in yellow
tomatoes and have a little basil, sugar and lemon your set to go.

I tripled the recipe. I had to have some just to keep in the
fridge for biscuits.

You could skip the water bath and just cap
it for the fridge if your only making the original amount.

I didn’t peel but did spot off any tough parts of the tomatoes.

It has the taste of lemon with just a hint of basil.

Yellow Tomato, Lemon and Basil Jam

2 each lemons
3 pounds tomato — yellow, chopped
3 cups sugar
1 tablespoon chopped basil — packed, finely chopped

Using a sharp knife peel lemons.
Discard the seeds and membrane leaving the sections.

Peel any tough skin or discolor from the tomatoes.

Combine the lemon sections with yellow tomato, sugar and basil in a
large pot.

Bring this to a boil and then lower the heat to moderate.
Cook stirring often about 40 minutes until thickened. Ladle out
foam on top of tomatoes as needed.

After about 40 minutes ladle mixture into sterile jars and process
10 minutes in a canner or hot water bath.

“Food and Wine – July 1994″
“2 pints”

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11 thoughts on “Yellow Tomato, Lemon and Basil Jam- WHB

  1. This sounds amazing. I don’t have that many yellow tomatoes, but why couldn’t I mix red and yellow ones? I love the idea of just a hint of basil in the jam.

  2. Kalyn, I’m sure you could mix the two and the red would add acid levels to the jam.

    The jam depends on the lemon to add the acid.

    I’m not sure how the color would look though.

  3. Hey Jeff,
    If you can them right ( sterile,sealed ) and keep them in a cool, dry and dark area they should keep about a year.

    If your just going to put them in the refrigerator I would think about the same as a freshly opened jar of jam.

  4. Coffeepot,

    It looks wonderful. I assume the addition of sugar makes it ‘jam’. several of my yellow tomatoes grew beeter than the reds and pinks but I didn’t get enough to make that much with. Maybe next year will be a better tomato year! keep it up!


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