Food In The News

Food In The News

Spinach is the food in the news this week as all across the USA
grocery stores pull spinach from the shelves because of a
E. coli outbreak.


In my own personal news I must report that the Crabapple Liqueur that I was experimenting with has turned out awesome.

You know that wonderful warm feeling you get in your mouth and stomach when sipping a desert liqueur? I am heading to the ABC store on Wend. to get more vodka. I thought that with that wonderful color and taste
it would make wonderful Christmas gifts for the tee toddlers( Or is it totalers? What the heck we certainly look like toddlers on some Chritmas Eves), in my family.
Placed in pretty small clear bottles with a ribbon and maybe a copy of the recipe.

I ran the apples through my food processor rather than halving them and added the whole cloves instead of the cinnamon. I think I may have left it more like 4 weeks but refrigerated it after about 2.

Crabapple Liqueur

Many crabapples
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup vodka
1 stick cinnamon (optional) — or whole cloves

Take a quart (or litre) mason jar, fill it with quartered crabapples, add sugar (lots of room between the quarters) and vodka. Toss in a stick of cinnamon or a few cloves. Place on its side (make sure you’ve put the lid on -tight-), rotate 90 degrees every day so that the sugar gets mixed and all crabapples get equally soaked. After 2 weeks, filter out the apples.

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