My Cup Runneth Over

My cup runneth over with cappuccino.

I recently got my machine out. I usually pack it away for the summer.

While cappuccino is good any season, I prefer it through
fall and winter.

My machine is a Mr. Coffee.

I’m not familiar with other brands but
here are a few pointers about mine, which I am familiar with.

1- You can get burned like the dickens if you don’t follow the
manufactured instructions.

2- Never try and clean out the little steamer hole with a toothpick.
It can break off in the hole and stop up the steam and you’ll
never get it out. You will have to take it back and get
a refund, acting like you don’t know why it won’t steam properly. (exaggerated)
Use a needle instead.

3- A good cup is said to be 1/3 cream, 1/3 coffee, 1/3 foam. I have
achieved that a time or two.

4- Don’t try and pour your coffee from the carafe with the lid on.
The lid will fall off into your cup and you will loose all that great
tasting foam on your counter, like I did here. I have done this
a zillion times (exaggerated again), and still try to preform this
impossible feat.

5- If you do loose your foam just top it off with more coffee.
It still tastes pretty good despite the fact that it isn’t perfection
in a cup.


8 thoughts on “My Cup Runneth Over

  1. I used to make all our coffee with our expresso machine. But, I packed it away several years ago, because it seemed like all I did was make cappuccino for people. I would make it–and they would slurp it down and ask for more. Took it for granted too. But lately, I’ve thought of pulling the machine down from the cabinet and making it again. And now your post! Maybe I really should……..

  2. Yes Sher, People that have never made it don’t seem to know how hard it can be to make a good cup.

    It might be easier if I had a better machine. I don’t know since this Mr Coffee is the only one I have dealt with.

  3. Hi Coffeepot,
    Thanks for the visit to my blog.
    I may go out and buy my husband one of these contraptions yet! I never can decide which one to get… Any suggestions out there?

  4. Christine, my expresso maker is an old Braun. It makes a nice expresso and foams the milk nicely. But, it only makes enough expresso for, at most, 2 smallish cappuccinos. Then you have to clean out the grounds and start again. Mine is old, don’t know what is available now!

  5. I have a coffe maker/espresso/capuccino machine, but I only use the coffee maker side. You’re making me want to pull out the manual and learn how to make capuccino 🙂

  6. I do this everyday 🙂 Mine is a little Krups. I love having a nice tall glass (yes, glass!) of capuccino everyday. I brew 2 shots of espresso, put it in a nice, big, hefty, glass, and top it up with steamed milk…yum!

    Coffeepot, the part with the steamer hole in my steamer screws right off if you twist it. That way it is easier to clean. Maybe your’s can too?

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