Pasta Kick

Hubby is taking me out to eat tomorrow for an early birthday since Wend. is sitter day. I told him I wanted to go to Olive Garden and he sort of moaned.

I’m on a pasta kick. I guess he is sick of it. I have been pumping it out like a factory. (exaggerated again)

Anyway here is a really neat idea. You know those cheap plastic coat hangers you can get? Use them to hang and dry fresh pasta. They work great to hang and you can just pop them into the top rack of your dishwasher to clean.

Here are some lasagna noodles I made up today.

I might change my mind about Olive Garden by tomorrow. Hubby has a lot of influence.


9 thoughts on “Pasta Kick

  1. what a great idea! although I have to admit I hadn’t tried making my own pasta yet. The girls, especially my youngest daughter, have been asking but I just haven’t found the courage to try making them yet.

    I like Olive Garden’s endless salad. Too bad they closed the one in our town.

  2. Great idea!!!!
    And I dunno, Jeff, there are times when only Olive Garden bread sticks, alfredo dipping sauce, and salad will do. It’s kind of addictive that way. They must add something to the alfredo or the salad dressing. On the other hand, for chain italian restaurants, nothing beats Macaroni Grill to me. And lucky for me, they don’t have one in my town yet.

  3. Jeff you must be like my hubby about OG.

    I love OG.

    Thanks guys for the nice comments. Glenna they don’t have a MG around here either.

    JMom OG closed? I hope they aren’t going bust. I used to love Pargos and suddenly they all started shutting until they are no loner around here.

  4. Great idea, with the hanger. I usually hang mine in a big single sheet between chairs. I must admit though that I can’t believe anyone who makes fresh pasta would be a fan of OG. ha!

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