Agenda for Several Months

For the next several months Coffee & Cornbread will be reviewing Weight Watcher and Cooking Light type recipes.

Tightening our belts will be done in preparation of boating season.

Be warned that reading here “might” reduce body fat.
( Read the fine print.)

Hubby and I enjoyed the Weight Watcher “Chicken Picadillo” recipe.

While serving suggestion was rice and beans, it did seem lacking without reduce fat cheese and homemade tortillas.

They use chicken breast, raisins, apple, onions, tomato, chicken broth, cinnamon, chipotles in adobo and vinegar.

You can find the recipe in the Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook.

Coffee and Cornbread gives it 3 stars. *** out of 5…Thanks Jeff! 😉 I loath star ratings so don’t take it literal on my part. lol.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. katie
    Jan 06, 2007 @ 08:15:20

    Sounds like a good agenda to me!
    The chicken looks yummy!


  2. sher
    Jan 07, 2007 @ 02:42:51

    I also think that looks very good!


  3. Jeff
    Jan 07, 2007 @ 22:50:41

    Ok…I’m a mook…3 stars outta what?


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