Mafia of the Foodie World.

I believe I ran upon these mafia foodies that want to stifle
foodie freedom.

The Foodie Mafia?

Freedom to chug a beer over sip champagne. Freedom to buy a
sugar high candy bar over assembling a 4 hour tiramisu.

Freedom to sip champagne if the condition is right or
build that tiramisu.

Freedom to watch what we want, eat what we want, cook what we want,
be what we want, air what we want, all within law limits.

Freedom to kill our food, or buy it in a can. Freedom to be lazy or impeccability precised.

Some big pant mafia foodie that would stifle freedom and
also creativity with their wallet talking.

What do freedom and creativity have in common?

You can never have one without the other.

Down with the foodie mafia! 🙂

Down with fear!

I don’t fear the foodie mafia. Now where is my Boones Farm?


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