Lemon Mint Ice Tea- WHB

A patch of mint and thirsty summer house guests
are a winning combination.

Susan at Food Blogga is hosting Weekend Herb Blogging this week.
WHB is the hot brainchild of Kalyn at Kalyn’s Kitchen.

I hope some of the WHB-ers and readers out there will enjoy this tea as much
as we do here in Virginia, USA.

There are many varieties of mint, most (that I know of) will work well in this.
I have used Peppermint here.

Lemon Mint Ice Tea

Make a simple syrup using 2 cups of sugar
and 2/3 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Remove from the heat when sugar dissolves
add one cup of fresh chopped mint, then add 4 cups
of fresh brewed tea.

Allow to cool and then strain.

Serve with a lemon slice and sprig of mint over ice.

What a great way to cool off. Most hot house guests will love you for it.

Visit Food Blogga for more great WHB this week.


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sandi @ the whistlestop cafe
    Jul 14, 2007 @ 10:52:37

    This looks yummy!
    A glass of sweet tea would be perfect right about now. I posted on orange mint tea not to long ago and also a lemon basil tea that is perfect.
    If we southerners know anything it is sweet tea.


  2. Sue (coffeepot)
    Jul 14, 2007 @ 10:59:54

    Yes Sandi we do know sweet tea. I am going to come and seek your teas to add to my collection.



  3. Kalyn
    Jul 14, 2007 @ 11:55:31

    Saving the recipe right now. I’ll use Agave Nectar to make it South Beach friendly!


  4. Susan from Food Blogga
    Jul 14, 2007 @ 16:50:38

    This is the perfect summertime refresher. I usually make mine with spearmint, but I’ll try peppermint next time. Thanks, Sue, and stay cool!


  5. Katiez
    Jul 15, 2007 @ 03:30:50

    I can do that! I but ‘syrop’ here – comes in all flavors (mint, tea, lemon, lime, cranberry, cola, orange, to name about a tenth). So…I can take a bit of ‘tea’, a bit of ‘lemon’ add water and some fresh mint! I find the mint syrop too, well, minty..
    Sounds lovely!


  6. Sue (coffeepot)
    Jul 15, 2007 @ 06:35:17

    Thank you Susan and Katiez.

    Yaaaallll come back now, hear.


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  9. Thuanluong
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 06:02:28

    so cool! for a hot summer day or if i’ve cough, i’ll try it.


  10. coffeepot
    Apr 22, 2015 @ 13:41:35

    Reblogged this on Coffee & Cornbread.


  11. gardeden
    Apr 28, 2015 @ 06:02:17

    Love this, I make a lot of my own herb teas! Hey, I have just nominated you for a blog award! 🙂



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