Covered Up and Freezing


I am not talking about freezing weather but freezing fresh produce.

We are covered up right now in corn, tomatoes, and peppers. Some of my hot peppers are being frozen today because my bells and sweets are maturing a little slower (good thing for me or I might not get it all done!)

My favorite way to fix corn is to grill it while brushing melted butter mixed with fresh parsley or oregano, but I also have to freeze some corn to keep it from getting away from us.

tomatoes and corn

Freezing corn is simple. Just scald the cleaned ears in a covered pot of near to boiling water a few minutes. The corn will turn a bright orangey-yellow. Then transfer the hot ears to a cold bath of water before drying and bagging to freeze.

Peppers are even easier to freeze. Just gut them and wash and dry. Use gloves for hot peppers. Then bag to freeze.
Remember frozen peppers are only to used in cooking, because once they thaw they loose their crisp.

hot banana peppers and a few jalapeno

I have thrown some hot frozen peppers into salsa, because the texture of salsa sort of covers the softness, as long as you have some crisp onion to go in too.

Then the tomatoes are best roasted in my opinion( I am roasting some as I type), but you can freeze by dropping them into boiling water a couple of minutes then transferring to cold water. The skin will slip right off and you can bag them up to freeze.

With all this freezing going on today time was limited at lunch.

todays limited lunch


8 thoughts on “Covered Up and Freezing

  1. Sue, such beautiful tomatoes, corn and peppers! I do declare a serious case of veggie envy! Will you adopt us? 😉

    A question for you? Do you know what purpose blanching serves before freezing the produce? TIA!

  2. Blue Z. I am not really sure about blancing except I think it is to kill any buggies or bacteria.

    I know there are certain veggies you don’t even blanch like peppers or onion.

    Maybe buggies or bacteria don’t like peppers or onion?

    Anyone out there know?

  3. I don’t know – but I’m about to try freezing green beans without blanching! I blanched them last year and didn’t really like the texture. I freeze zucchini with blanchine. I just shred it and put it into a baggie. 2 1/2 cups frozen equals about 2 cups usable – it looses a lot of liquid on thawing.
    I use it in soup, stir-frys, casseroles, whatever…
    ‘Tis the season – and freezing is sooo much easier than canning, er, I mean, bottling…

  4. Katiez, I froze some green beans too but I always blanch them. Not sure how they turn out unblanched. I also can them (bottle).

    I blanch zucchini too but I didn’t grow any this year.

    Let me know how your green beans turn out unblanched.

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