Independence Days To You!

Sharon is running a Independence Days Challenge Independence Day Challenge
which is very inspiring to me. It entails to each day try to do one of the following

1. Plant something.
2. Harvest something.
3. Preserve something.
4. Prep something.
5. Cook something.
6. Manage your reserves.
7. Work on local food systems.

While I have not officially joined the challenge I feel I may participate as my time allows, since I have been trying to evolve as such anyway.
Her declaration follows –

quote –
United Food Sovereign People of the World. It is so desperately needed that we do declare our independence from the globalizing, totalitarian, destructive, toxic, dangerous agriculture that destroys our future and our power and pays to destroy democracy. And so, when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for people to divorce themselves from a system that has become destructive, and thus:

We the people, in order to form a more perfect union of human and nature, establish justice and ensure food sovreignty, provide for the common nutrition, promote the general welfare and ensure the blessings of liberty, for ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this constitution for the United Food Sovereign People of the World.

So for last week we planted rhubarb and lavender, a few Big Boy tomato and hot banana pepper. ( I don’t want to plant too many tomato or pepper yet because I have a hard time covering in frost events)

I lovingly looked at our smaller salad garden taking off.

That is black seeded simpson lettuce, jersy wakefield cabbage, english breakfast radish, some sort of shorter carrot and some yellow and white onion sets growing. I have some mesclun mix growing in the end of the herb garden because the smaller garden didn’t have the room now. Isn’t it funny that “mesclun ” means mixture? So we are basically saying “mixture mix” when speaking of mesclun mix. Sort of redundant huh?

I also have head lettuce seed but that will have to wait until fall because I am running out of space.

We planted summer squash seed and transplanted some winter squash plants to the larger garden.

To ensure local food systems hubby bought 6 zucchini plants! I thought, my gosh we will have zucchini to feed the town! What was he thinking?

I cook and prep all the time, but I did dry some oregano to preserve. I also harvested green onion and some dandelion greens for salad on Monday and have been using them all week.

To manage my reserves I took a long hike in our woods. I figure I need to manage and reserve my stress levels too.

I ran upon this beautiful wild azalea.

Look at the stark difference between the wild lone azalea in the woods and the tame ones lining my garage.

I also ran upon these tiny yellow daisy looking weed although I have no idea what it is.

Maybe wild daisy?

I feel my Independence Days abounding and look forward to making further updates.
And Independence Days to you too, my child.

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