Independence Days Challenge

Sharon’s Independence Days Challenge update can be found here. Link

Here are my weeks challenge results, to the best I can remember. I didn’t get much done because my grandkids were sick and couldn’t go to daycare a couple of days. I always keep them when they are sick. Poor little guys.

1. Plant something.
Since we can not grow lemon trees in our area, I planted lemon balm.

Outside of a fence our dogs will trample, lay on, or devour anything around. I had to place tomato cages over the lemon balm plants to ward off the dogs. I also planted more peppers.

I transplanted some cilantro that had sprung up on its own from seed last year.

I have been trying to start cilantro from seed I harvested and they just recently formed their second leaves,

so I am glad some took the notion to jump start and grow itself!
Some flat leaf parsley seems to be doing the same thing (grow itself), and dill.

2. Harvest something.
I harvested some cilantro, oregano, thyme and dill and cooked by using them in recipes this week.

3. Preserve something.
I preserved more dried oregano.

4. Prep something.
I did prep by collecting some lemon balm recipes from the web and got instructions on starting and maintaining a compost bin.

5. Cook something.
I am always cooking something..anything new this week? No.

6. Manage your reserves.
I managed my reserves by inventory of my home canned goods. Did I dread doing that one. I threw out some older I figured we wouldn’t eat in time so the jars would be available for this season. I also used up some stuff, like the last of my canned tomatoes.

Whatever you do, if canning, don’t store the jars with the rims on like I often do. You are supposed to store the cans rimless.

7. Work on local food systems
No local Food work this week, unless you count feeding sick grandchildren to grow into local citizens someday.

I might be scarce the next few weeks. Grandkids birthday for me to work on and I am getting a new computer and high speed.

Hopefully by the time any webbies see me again I will be zipping around cyberspace on my new system.

God Bless!

4 thoughts on “Independence Days Challenge

  1. Trisha says:

    I love the baby cilantro leaves — congrats! It’s funny, I just posted today about wanting to grow my own herbs, but I have horrible luck. Then, clicking around, I found this post! I’ll have to get a few pointers from you. I’m also now curious about lemon balm. What kinds of things do you use that in?

  2. I just did download some lemon balm recipes Trisha. I haven’t tried any yet but there is a vinegret I want to try soon. The balm must grow a bit first though it is at a stand sill right now.

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