Coconut Cake

This cake is so good!

1 box duncan hines butter recipe cake mix (do not use pudding-plus cake mix for this recipe)
16 oz sour cream
18 oz package frozen coconut semi-thawed (3- 6 oz packs)
2 c sugar
1 large 16 oz container cool whip (less 1 cup)

Make cake as directed with real butter in 8 inch pans. Don’t skimp on the real butter..margarine won’t be as good.

Mix sour cream, sugar, and 2 packs (12 oz) of coconut together. Refrigerate as cake cools. Reserve one cup of sour cream mixture for icing. Refrigerate as cake cools.

Split each cooled cake layer in half. Spread the refrigerated sour cream mixtue between each layer and stack.

To ice, add the reserved 1 cup sour cream mixture to about 9 ounces of the cool whip and adjust as needed with remaining cool whip.
You don’t want it too liquid but just enough to stick. Then sprinkle the other 6 ounces of coconut on top and sides patting it in with a spatula.

You must keep this cake refrigerated in an air tight container, like tupperware. Can be kept refrigerated for one week.