Tortillas and Disillusionment


My mind pictures this wonderful, plyable, bendable, fillable tortilla made with cauliflower.

I see them all over the internet, rolled, bendable, perfect, and cauliflower based, but this is how mine end up.

I have come to a conclusion that I will never be able to substitute cauliflower for flour. I’m not saying others don’t have success. I simply don’t.

With Cinco De Mayo coming up next week I need usable tortillas. While mine never come out perfectly round, I can fill and bend them without looking like an earthquake struck.

Homemade Flour Tortillas

2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons oil of your choice
Water to form a stiff dough

Mix all with a fork until a stiff dough forms. Divide into golf ball size pieces and flatten. Roll each piece individual with a rolling pin to a tortillas shape. Fry on a hot griddle flipping once.

Bend, fill, and eat, as desired.
Make 8 tortillas at 120 calories each


Parsley – WHB

Weekend Herb Blogging is being hosted by Paulchen’s Food Blog this week.
Link to roundup.

WHB is a great way to learn about vegetables, herbs, new recipes and ideas. To learn the WHB rules and participate,visit founder Kalyns Kitchen.

Parsley is coming along in Virginia, so I wanted to blog about it.

I have had problems growing parsley, so last year instead of growing it from seed I got plants. It was a good thing that I grew from plants last year because they bolted and seeded the ground. Parsley came back full force on it’s own this year.

Nature did on her own what I seemed unable and parsley is thick in my garden at this time.

Parsley is one herb that when microwave drying keeps its color so well .

You can read about microwave drying here , but I never use the paper towels in the microwave. I almost caught it on fire like that one time.

What I do is lay the herbs on a plate and microwave for one to 30 second intervals, remove and blot dry with a paper towel and replace and micro another one to 30 seconds, repeating the process until dried and brittle.

I must have dried parsley on hand at all times because my favorite vinaigrette mix uses dried and not fresh parsley in it.

I usually wing it, but here are approximate proportions for the vinaigrette.

My favorite italian vinaigrette mix – 2 Tablespoon dried onion, 2 Tablespoon dried parsley, 1 teaspoon dried basil, 1 teaspoon dried oregano, 3/4 teaspoon garlic salt , pinch of sugar. Grind well in a spice grinder then add entire mix to 1/4 C vinegar, 3 Tablespoons water and enough oil to bring it to a cup. Mix well.

After I microwave dry my parsley I store it in baggies or my favorite spice rack. I am continually refilling my spice rack jars and won’t toss them away because the rack and jars were a gift and are sentimental in value to me.

It is also handy to just refill the jars, although someone looking at my rack might think the stuff outdated.

The main feature in my WHB post is a salad I love. I use special ingredients. Those ingredients are fresh parsley and honey.

I started making salads with parsley and honey last summer on a whim. If you have never tried fresh parsley and honey in a salad, I urge you to give it a try. It is also great with some fresh berries tossed in, although I didn’t have any berries on hand for my WHB post.

Just throw together a salad of mesclun and black seeded simpson or whatever other lettuce you may prefer (thats what I have growing right now). Top that with some feta cheese. Use your favorite vinaigrette on top of that and then sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley. The final touch is a drizzle of your favorite honey.

It is easy and a family pleaser around here.

In Praise of All Things

This may seem like an odd post, but I keep thinking on this and I must blog my thoughts.They focus our good outcome in the court case.

If this guy had not started cutting trees on that little 1.1899 acres and crossed over the property lines to damage our trees, I would never had investigated and ended up owning the 1.1899 acres.

It is like the Lord tells us in His Word.

All things work together toward good for those that love God, for those that are called for His purpose.

When I read this I know that is a promise that whatever happens in life, no matter how bad it might seem or even trivial it may be, the end outcome will be for your good.

Even someone cutting down $ 8450.00 worth of your trees.

This goes for all things, He tells us, in His Word.

Loosing someone loved or admired. Being defrauded or misused.

Even getting snubbed by another blogger, which is just a trivial matter but on my mind because of things I have read recently. Often we want to blow off at the mouth. I know I have before.

But if we stand back and reflect for a moment. We can look at such things and know it is for good!

Sometimes we don’t see the good of matters in this life, but many times we do.

I can not even begin to tell of some of the good I have seen right here and now! Some things that the Lord opened up to me and certainly not of my own knowledge.

We can know that whatever we don’t see in this life, we will see in the hereafter.

Thank you Lord!


Still Working To Loose Weight

I still am working to loose another 15 pounds.

Me , helmet hair and all

Hubby and his helmet hair
I have to continue so I can fit on this little back seat.

little back seat

We took a trip to our lake getaway recently and it won’t be long before we can get our boat out! Yeah!

I love to just pack sandwiches and pop them into our camper microwave.

dramatized sandwich

I like using a flavored mayo on them using basil leaves, small amount of garlic, light mayo and a few walnuts ground in a food processor. Don’t forget the pepperoncini peppers!

This might be boring but I have been on the run and don’t have much else to food blog on. I have lost 14 pounds so far but another 15 is quite a bit. I had lost 40 at one time on weight watchers but running this damn food blog put back 30 of the 40 I lost in just two years!

Tang in the dishwasher?

In my organization pursuit I found a few good tips on the internet.

There is one telling me that I can run Tang through an empty dishwasher cycle to clean it.

everyday simplicity – Tang tip

The blog has a lot of neat tips. It also tells me how to plant my avacodo seeds.

I can not understand why Tang is so popular. I don’t like it at all.

I have been in a silly mood of late.

I can’t stand Andy Baldwin. He proposed to Tessa tonight on that silly show I watched. He throws the word “love” around like it grows on trees.

I hope that is some useful info for all out there.

I guess I’ll type about it now..

I guess I’m ready to type about it now.

It has nothing to do with food or cooking, except that I will have less mouths to feed.

I finally gave in and put my aunt in a Hospice Home. It was getting so hard for me. I felt like a prisoner in my own home because I could never leave her unattended.

I know she will be getting the proper care and even more so than I could give her, but my feelings are mixed. Relieved because it had become such a burden, and yet saddened that I wasn’t able to see it out to the end.

She loved anything soft, and mashed potatoes and gravy where a favorite.

They called today and said they were putting her on antidepressants.

If I had kept her here much longer I believe I would have had to get some.

It isn’t like I won’t see her because I will visit weekly, but why do I feel so disconnected?

Such a hard decision on my part.

Mafia of the Foodie World.

I believe I ran upon these mafia foodies that want to stifle
foodie freedom.

The Foodie Mafia?

Freedom to chug a beer over sip champagne. Freedom to buy a
sugar high candy bar over assembling a 4 hour tiramisu.

Freedom to sip champagne if the condition is right or
build that tiramisu.

Freedom to watch what we want, eat what we want, cook what we want,
be what we want, air what we want, all within law limits.

Freedom to kill our food, or buy it in a can. Freedom to be lazy or impeccability precised.

Some big pant mafia foodie that would stifle freedom and
also creativity with their wallet talking.

What do freedom and creativity have in common?

You can never have one without the other.

Down with the foodie mafia! 🙂

Down with fear!

I don’t fear the foodie mafia. Now where is my Boones Farm?

My Kitchen

Ilva at Lucullian Delights is putting together a “My Kitchen” event
with links to other kitchens. It sounded like fun, so here is my own kitchen.

We ran a Bed and Breakfast from our kitchen for 7 years. It was a
mom & pop establishment where we only served breakfast with lodging.

Except for an occasional wedding which we hired out caterers
and have “standing room” receptions, hubby and I were the
sole employees.

I have had many strangers in my kitchen. I never had a complaint,
but I had a knack at making people believe there wasn’t a care in the

I can tell you now there are many cares in running a small
Bed and Breakfast.

I don’t keep my kitchen as spotless as I did back then. You never
knew when a guest would get up in the middle of the night and
open the fridge for a glass of milk. You also never knew when the
local health department might show up for a look around.

I have some things I love about my kitchen.

1) The island where hubby could stand on one side and work while
I worked from the other side.
2) The huge cabinet space which I never utilized to it’s full advantage.
(shame on me)
3) The brick floors which are easy to clean.

I also have some things I dislike about my kitchen.

1) I don’t have matching appliances. (I would love all black)
2) We have never gotten that trash compactor and the trash can sits in
the hole where a compactor should be.
3) The brick floors, which are easy to clean, are hard on dropped
glass, small appliances, and eggs.
4) Some of my cabinet door hinges have sprung and won’t remain closed.
5) The butcher block type counter space is easily marred.

These things could easily be remedied, except for dropped eggs.

We have retired the B&B for now. I can’t say it would never be one
again someday, but I am so thankful to have the Health Department
out of my kitchen.

The local Health Department was the main reason we shut down, along
with a few other reasons. When they came in and began to try to
regulate what appliances my kitchen would contain I told hubby
I had enough.

Of course if I had just gone along with them…
my appliances might match.

Merry Christmas

Just a quick Merry Christmas to all out in cyber land!

I have been busy with celebrations.

Some new things I have tried were a rolled meatloaf with provalone and roasted peppers, and a chocolate tiramisu that uses chocolate cake in place of the ladyfingers.

I got the recipes from watching Food Network but I can’t remember the exact shows.

I am so short on time right now.

rolled meatloaf

chocolate tiramisu

Anyway… have a great Christmas and may all your cooking and eating be bright!

Poor Pit I Full Sage

My poor pit i full sage plant in my sunroom needs some doctoring.

Since I keep stripping leaves from the ailing thing I figured I needed to buy sage for Thanksgiving to give it a rest. I hope to incorporate a lot of sage into my Thankgiving dishes. I am suppose to have about 20 family members here.

That really isn’t much since I have had times there were well over 100 when I ran the B&B. I couldn’t house that many but there were a few weddings and such. So glad to be out of that mess.

I can remember one morning when I first opened and I had some trouble with a deep fryer at about 5 in the morning. The fire alarms went off and I was so panic. Then when guests finally came down around 7 I asked if it had disturbed them. They hadn’t even heard it, according to them!

I have a few wild stories like that.

Anyway if no one sees me around much the next few days, I am busy, but not involved in a deep fryer fire. I will return at convenience because I feel my blog is to be fun and not work.

I ask for anyone reading this to pray for my sage plant. Thanks.