Beef In The News

I watched that horrible news release last night of the cattle at that meat plant being shoved with forklifts and not able to walk and stuff.

It was enough to make me want to turn vegetarian, but I am sure my hubby would not agree to that.

What is the world coming to?
Now they are recalling all that beef and it was sent to schools.
Much of it has already been consumed.

Poor cattle pushed and shoved and now to be in vain as the meat is thrown out.

It made me cry.

I know I could never be vegetarian however..I don’t think I could.


2 thoughts on “Beef In The News

  1. It is so horrible how feedlots treat their animals. Pushing and shoving isn’t even the worst of it. I’ll spare you details about how they are actually slaughtered.

    Food like this is definitely unsustainable. With the number of meat recalls we are beginning to have, hopefully the country will wake up soon.

    I would never be a vegetarian either, but I’ve been trying to eat a much larger percentage of plant food than meat lately. And making a big effort to buy my meat and poultry and eggs from farms or suppliers that I know treat the animals well. It’s better for you health, mind, and for the animals.

    Thanks for writing this… the more people who pay attention to the ways plants treat cattle, the better.

  2. Michele Collins says:

    I saw a small portion of the story on the news but had to turn it off. I couldn’t watch it. It was heartbreaking and sickening. My husband does not eat red meat or pork. Since having my children I prepare beef for them sometimes and eat a little myself sometimes. I must admit that it does taste good. But when I see something like that on TV and think that the meat I am eating possibly came from a creature that was tortured like that it just makes me sick.

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